Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tron Inspired EL Jacket

So here's some pics of my prototype Tron inspired EL jacket. The reflective tape that was used for the flash in the light pics turned out to not hold up to regular ware, so it wont be used in future jackets. The disk mount was an piece of back armor from an old motorcycle jacket. It just seemed to have the right kind of shape for the Tron universe.  While EL wire is much more affordable that EL tape or sheets I am just not as satisfied with the finished product. Unless someone just wants a bargain basement price on a jacket I will be focusing on EL tape in the future.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo Dump!

Here are some Photos of some of my earlier works. Hope that you enjoy them and feel free to ask any questions!

Batman and Robin (Full Disclosure: While the majority of my Batman and my friends Robin costume were done by me, some pieces were done by other artists, most notably the cowl and eye mask)

Black "Suit" Spiderman

Deadpool (to be fair, my wife did all the sewing, I just made the eyes and the equipment)